How To Kill Roundworms

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How To Kill Roundworms

How to kill roundworms

     Roundworm is a nematode that lives in the human intestine. Is 15-20 cm long, the female being larger than the male. Usually, to the infested man are found 4-5 individuals, but in some cases their number may exceed several hundred.

     Everyone wants to get rid of the roundworms. How to kill roundworms? In order to kill them, we need to know how we can become infected: the roundworm female eliminate the fertilized eggs in human intestine, which it eliminates together with the feces. If the egg finds favorable conditions of moisture and temperature, then inside of it develops a roundworm embryo. Man gets contaminated by eating food with eggs that were infested by intestinal parasites, or dirty hands into the soil infested with feces containing eggs of parasites.

     In the human intestine, the egg loses its shell; the embryo passes into the intestine, then into the bloodstream and reaches the liver. There remains 3-4 days, it grows and is led by blood circulation in the lungs, where larvae continue their development, passes into the pulmonary alveoli, the bronchi, the trachea, pharynx reaches, where it is swallowed.

     So it gets in our stomach, then in the intestines, where it develops, taking the adult form. In order to know how to kill roundworms we must take into consideration the respiratory migration often remains unapparent, or has uncharacteristic forms. In a few cases is observed hemoptysis (bloody sputum) or infectious complications. The interval between the intestinal and respiratory period can be 2-3 months, thus, practically wipe about such events can be recognized only retrospectively.

Roundworms symptoms

     Infection with roundworms has as a headquarters the intestine. Over its mucosa its exerted the very traumatic influence through the presence of the parasites, but especially through their attachment to the wall due to the available strong oral appliance. Abdominal pains, disorders stool and vomiting are caused by the roundworms arrival in the stomach, increased nerve excitability. Children may be triggered epileptic form crisis. Intestinal infestation phase, dramatic accidents that sometimes occur requiring emergency hospital acquired: the ball of roundworms occlusion, acute appendicitis, and jaundice mechanical duct common bile duct obstruction.

Roundworms diagnostic

     Roundworm infestation: The coprology exam is looking for eggs in the feces; they have an ovoid form, 40-60 microns. The diagnosis is made difficult when specimens of intestine are immature or are male and so the eggs are missing. To confirm or infirm the roundworms diagnosis will be made at least three coprology examination within 10 days. During the bronchi pulmonary migration, the larvae of parasites can be highlighted in the sputum.

How to kill roundworms

     Treatment is made with natural products with anti-parasite effect in repeated courses of 2-3 months, one month break, to rule out the diagnosis (total elimination of parasites). During the treatment are not necessary using purgatives.

Natural treatment for killing the roundworms

     5-7 cloves of garlic, finely pounded, mixed with a teaspoon of vinegar and 1-2 tablespoons of coarse salt. Homogenize well. Tuesdays, Thursday and Saturday morning on an empty stomach, take a teaspoon of the composition, then do not drink and not eat anything, for 2 hours. Treatment lasts three weeks. During this time, do not consume milk and sweets. In the days of treatment the patient has to sit with his seat in a pot in which is placed warm sweet milk. In this way you can obtain a complete evacuation of the roundworms.

Another way to kill the roundworms

     Pumpkin seeds contain an amino acid that can be administered to children without any worry. Not being irritating, this remedy can be used without problems for several days. The day before treatment only eat dairy. Mix 30-40gr peeled seeds [2 teaspoons] with the same amount of honey [you can use also sugar with a little lemon juice] obtaining a paste. Eat this paste in the morning on an empty stomach, three times every 20 minutes. The third day, after 3-4 hours after the last round, swallow 40gr of castor oil, or a decoction of Rhamnus frangula, that you get after you boil for five minutes 10 grams of rind 250gr water, then leave to stand for 5 minutes. 1gr of pepper mixed with 4gr fat, protrude the roundworms from the gut.